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Making over 50's life insurance easy for everyone


Life insurance can be a difficult subject to talk about so the easier we can make it for you the better it is. Over 50's life insurance is designed to ensure you can leave money behind to ease the burden for the loved ones you leave behind too.


No health questions, no medical, just fixed cash sums

That's right – with exception of asking whether or not you smoke, there are no intrusive questions about your health. Regardless of whether you have pre-existing health conditions or not, this is available to any resident of the UK between the ages of 50 and 80.


You know exactly where you are with Insure My Life's over 50's plan. The premium you are offered when you get your quote now is the premium you will be paying for as long as you have the policy. You could be insured for as little as 27p per day – premiums range from £8 to £50 per month.


Gifts or expenses – it's your choice – and an extra £250

Think about the reasons that you might want to put a little away every month. Funeral expenses are increasing every year so you might not want to leave that burden for your surviving relatives. Or it could be that you already have that covered and want to leave money behind to help other members of your family achieve their goals once you are gone.


One good thing about cover from Insure My Life is that you can make sure the money you save is used for the reasons you want. If you want it to be used for funeral expenses you can specify that in your policy. Perhaps you want to split it, half to cover those bills and half to go to specific members of your family. That's no problem either – what you say is what will happen.


You can also get an extra £250 toward your funeral expenses free of charge. Insure My Life has chosen to partner with Engage Mutual, who are one of the leading providers of this type of plan. They have teamed up with The Co-operative Funeralcare, the UK's leading funeral experts.


If you decide to put all or some of your cash lump sum towards a funeral with The Co-operative Funeralcare then they will pay an extra £250 toward the bills when it's time to settle.


Fast payout to the right people

You might be thinking that you have enough savings to cover the costs that might be left to those you leave behind. But there could be significant delays with trying to access that money and the people organising the funeral might not be able to get at it in time to pay bills.


The Insure My Life over 50's life insurance plan will pay your money to the people you have nominated in time for it to be useful. Instead of your loved ones having to borrow money until the complications of wills and probate are concluded, the money will be there when it’s most needed, easing the practical difficulties.


If you have nominated some or all of the money to cover funeral costs and taken out the funeral funding option (a no-cost extra) the sum you have nominated towards funeral costs will go straight to the funeral director so you family won’t even need to think about it.


Simple over 50's life insurance

It really couldn't be easier. There is a sliding scale of charges based on your age, sex and smoker status. Other than that it's a case of deciding how much money you want to leave behind – the more you pay each month the larger the cash sum you leave behind. Why not try getting a quote to find out how low your monthly premium will be? There's no obligation and you won't be pestered by any sales calls.


The quote is done online, a very quick and easy process. All the documentation is available as you go through the quote process so any questions you have should be answered for you.

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