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Recover from unexpected healthcare expenses

What would you do if your household expenses started to rise because of unexpected health problems?

Millions of us depend on the NHS but there are limits to what the NHS will provide. When those limits are reached, you have to cover the costs, unless you've got a safety net to fall back on.

And we have that safety net for you.


What does this mean?

As an example, let's say your GP suspects you have a condition, perhaps a heart or lung problem, but refers you to a consultant to get a better idea of what's going on.

But you could be faced with a charge for that consultation because it's not covered under the NHS. What if you could rest easy knowing that if you were put in that position, the charges would be paid for you?


Your solution

We have entered into an arrangement with BHSF, a not-for-profit organisation which provides policies to cover everyday healthcare costs. In return for a small monthly fee, the health cash plan will pay back the cost of healthcare you'd normally have to pay for.

It's not just that though, the health cash plan puts information at your finger tips every day too:

24 hour GP Helpline - fully qualified GPs can advise you in emergency when you can't see your own doctor.

24 hour Telephone Helpline - this gives practical support and help, for example with legal matters, medical information, even counselling to help you cope with tricky issues.

Health Care Navigator - a valuable source of information to help you move swiftly through the healthcare maze. It tells you what treatment options are available, how long waiting lists are and, if you are able to take the private healthcare route, it will find the most affordably priced hospitals and help you organise it.

Online Health Assessment - adults can use this online tool to assess how healthy they are. The results will guide you and help you improve your general health.


Hospital stays

Unplanned stays in hospital can also hit the pocket - but the health cash plan covers those too.

Whether or not you still get wages depends on your specific situation, but even if you do, there's all the incidental expenses of travel to and from the hospital, car parking, all sorts of outgoings you hadn't budgeted for.

Even day-case surgery, something hospitals are pushing because it's cheaper for them, mean you might be significantly out of pocket. The health cash plan pays you an amount for each night you stay in hospital, up to the policy limits.


What do you get?

The health cash plan will pay you back for expenses incurred for both routine and emergency health care.

You pay for the services you receive, submit a claim form and you'll receive the money, direct to your bank account or by cheque, usually within three days.

No medical examination is required and you can get cover for individuals from £9.50 a month or the whole family for just £18.50.


Is this private medical insurance?

No. Private medical insurance pays for treatment and operations performed privately.

Your health cash plan complements your NHS treatment (or private healthcare) by providing the means to pay for consultations. It also pays you lump sums for hospital in-patient stays and day-case surgery visits.

To take advantage of this offer call us on 0845 504 4815 (mobile users might find 01608 647 667 cheaper)

Call now on: 01608 647667

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